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Placing Subscriptions and Orders

How do I subscribe to the Dance Technique Collection and what are the current prices?
Please visit the Subscribe/Purchase page for current subscription and pricing information.

When will my subscription begin?
Subscribers purchasing a subscription via this website have immediate access to all content in the Dance Technique Collection for the duration of the subscription period.

How do I order other products from Human Kinetics?
Human Kinetics offers a wide range of informational and educational products in the health and physical activity fields. To browse and shop for Human Kinetics products, visit

Permission to Use Copyrighted Material

Can I download or share content from Human Kinetics’ Dance Technique Collection?
All material in the Dance Technique Collection is © Human Kinetics. You may not reproduce or publicly share any content from the Dance Technique Collection. Teachers with an institutional subscription are permitted to download and distribute the quizzes to their students. Download and sharing of all other content is prohibited.

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Current Subscribers

What if I'm having trouble with my online access?
Please contact us.

Additional Questions?

Human Kinetics can be contacted via mail, phone, e-mail, or fax (contact us).